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Julie E. Grantham


Hello, I am Julie Grantham. I have been providing legal services to my clients since November 1999. I am a seasoned legal expert with over 17 years’ experience as a General Counsel, a solo practitioner, and outside counsel for private companies. I have worked with management leaders to outside counsel to entrepreneurs, creating viable legal solutions and offering practical advice to businesses, as well as lending insight on legal ramifications of business decisions.

My firsthand experiences with elder care – wrestling with the decision of whether to place a loved one into a nursing home and with the difficulty of paying for the excessive cost of nursing home care – led me to re-evaluate my law practice and how I was being of service to others. My skills at collaborating with and providing oversight to cross-functional teams at all levels to achieve set objectives translated easily to helping families struggling with elder care options and decisions and implementing proactive estate planning.

I am a 1996 graduate of The University of Texas in Austin and a 1999 graduate of DePaul University College of Law. My vision, mission and values guide my practice in the areas of Estate Planning and Relational Contracts. Through my work as a lawyer, I provide quality services in a caring and empathetic manner.

I enjoy travelling, cooking, and spending quality time with my mother and son. I hold a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga Alliance. My law practice is unique because I enjoy meeting clients in their homes. I love that it puts them at ease during potentially stressful discussions of estate planning, when dealing with the loss of a loved one, or bringing consciousness and value-driven outcomes to contracting. I remind my clients to breathe.


    • Estate Planning

      • Wills and Trusts

      • Powers of Attorney/Health Care Directives

      • Medicare/Elder Care Planning Eligibility and Planning

    • Relational Contracts

  • Vision:  I envision a world where success is achieved without being at the expense of others. I envision a world where everyone can grow without taking from others. I envision a world where people collaborate and create, rather than claim, value.

  • Mission:  My mission is to support clients in conducting their legal affairs in alignment with their values, their principles, and their vision for a better world, and to stimulate and sustain positive relationships and enterprises, with positive results and proceeds for my clients. I aim to provide legal services that facilitate spaces where clients can explore how to align with their values and purpose; promote relationship-focused solutions by supporting clients to create their own structural communication frameworks; promote creative ways of engaging conflict and create clear agreements through plain language that reflects the parties.

  • Values:  In service of my Vision and Mission, I choose to practice law in accordance with the following principles:

    • I value honesty, reliability, excellence, responsiveness, integrity, and peace. I believe the following:

      • Joining forces with others and together with them designing sustainable, beneficial and enjoyable relationships and enterprises is far better than engaging as opposing forces trying to win an advantage for one party over the other.

      • Taking the time for open, straightforward communication and achieving mutual comprehension and clarity (even when it is uncomfortable) is worthwhile – essential, even – for creating and maintaining successful, sustainable, and enjoyable relationships, transactions and enterprises.

      • Addressing conflict and crisis need not involve coercion or manipulation.

  • I expect clients to take an active, fully engaged role throughout negotiation of their bargains and drafting written agreements.

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